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Welcome to Younger and Older Toddlers

     Welcome to our younger and older toddler classrooms! We are excited to care for your toddler! We will have many adventures together as we learn about the world around us. We treat our Younger and Older toddler classrooms as a co-operative between rooms, using the 4 staff for both rooms to rotate and also to implement activities. This allows the children and families to get to know all of the staff in our toddler rooms.


    Toddlers like moving and being active throughout the day, climbing, jumping and dancing. We will offer your child many ways to be active, both indoors and outdoors.


  We will also provide materials and activities that interest children and help his/her hand eye, fine motor, and gross motor coordination like self feeding, holding books, grasping crayons, stacking toys, painting, and exploring the outdoors by taking walks daily and playing outside. 


   We will listen to a variety of music, play outside and read lot of books. We also will be working on potty training in our older toddler room.


Family Engagement

    Family engagement is very important in our classroom, each month you can look foward to a classroom newsletters as well as a classroom calendar of activities that will happen daily.

Welcome Letter
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