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Choosing Quality Programming: Pre-School

    Choosing a quality Preschool program is a central part of preparing your child for their life’s many milestones. A quality Preschool program is the foundation for building and maintaining a child’s skill repertoire, in both of the areas of academics and socialization. With so many child care and Preschool options for children in our community, you find yourself asking “How can you pick the right one?” As educators and providers for the families within our community, it is Creative Child Inc.’s sense of duty that leads us to informing parent’s better, regarding quality early childhood education. As a 4-star rated center, Creative Child Inc., prides their classroom's and staff on continuing excellence and professional development in the field of Early Childhood Education. Here are some helpful suggestions offered by Creative Child Inc., pertaining to what “quality care” looks like:

What does quality care mean?

    One of the most significant things to consider while choosing a quality Preschool program for your child, is the overall experience.  The items of overall experience may range from the facilities cleanliness and organization to staff training and teacher retention & qualifications.

    Creative Child Inc.’s Preschool and child care programs remain distinguishable from other child care centers; because of their ongoing growth both externally and internally. At Creative Child Inc. we strive to set ourselves apart from other Pre-school and child care programs with a welcoming outer shell; including impeccable landscaping, state of the art play areas, and child friendly amenities. Creative Child Inc. is equally as visually appealing on the exterior as it is on the interior, with well lit classrooms, state of the art kitchen areas, restrooms, security systems, and classroom materials.


    When choosing a quality based Pre-school facility it is important to evaluate all aspects of the learning environment. Creative Child Inc. suggests asking questions about specific skill sets that the staff encompass. Having knowledge regarding the qualifications and certifications of the teacher’s background and Creative Child's philosophy is important in making an informed decision about your child’s future Preschool/ Child care facility. At Creative Child Inc., all of our Pre-School lead teacher’s hold an associates or bachelor’s level degree in the area of Early Childhood Education.


   All of our Pre-school staff is required in keeping their professional development evolving, by attending seminars, training’s, and recertification’s annually, or minimum 20 hours per year. There is importance in knowing exactly what training, higher education, experience and certificates are held by your child’s teacher and care givers. It is after inquiring about these qualifications and reviewing the program's philosophies, that you can then decide if they’re a good match for your expectations.
Schedules and Curriculum


   Another aspect that can vary with different Preschool programs is the length of the day. Some schools are designed around just a few hours per day, while others are full-day programs that offer more time for learning and free play. You should know the center’s schedule up front and make sure it meets your family’s needs. Creative Child, Inc. offers both a half day Preschool program, as well as a full day Preschool program " wrap around or “extended” day, that serves as both a Preschool program as well as an opportunity for your child to experience extra free-play and share candid socialization opportunities with other children and teachers.


   The most paramount of Preschools are effective in giving your child a head start on life and the curriculum they choose can be a big part of that foundation! Find out what curriculum materials and teaching styles the school uses. Dig into the specifics of what your child will be learning, when and how. From the books they’ll be using, to teaching social skills, and know as much as possible about the learning process they use so you can make a better decision while choosing a Preschool program for your child.


   To think even further down the road, try to find a Preschool that uses an adaptable curriculum that will couple with your plans for their future education, whether in public or private schools as they get older. The schools they’ll be attending may have some good advice about curriculums that would leave your preschooler well prepared. Creative Child, Inc. offers a bi-monthly curriculum that follows the Rhode Island Early Learning Development Standards (RIELDS), SEE RIELDS BUTTON ON THE SIDE -------> 
Play Time


     Studies show, play time serves as an important role in your child’s mental and social development. You should make sure the preschool’s philosophy about play time is a good fit for your expectations. At Creative Child. Inc. play time is structured properly, a lot of education can take place during play time when children are free to learn and explore in their own, individual ways. Ask about techniques the preschool uses to help children learn important things while having fun at the same time. In the end, by finding a school with the right schedule, curriculum, staff and philosophy, you’ll be giving your child a great start toward living a happy, healthy, productive life.

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