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OUR BRAND NEW STATE OF THE ART PLAYGROUND IS HERE. We have finally finished with the final phase of our playground....This area stretches close to ½ an acre of land...The children are really enjoying playing outside! With age appropriate equipment ranging from the youngest of our children which are the toddlers to the School-age children. There is a large figure 8 bike path which outskirts the entire playground there are bikes and scooters galore!, an enormous set of swings, a sand box with running water, which is themed based on a shipwreck. Large turfed areas where the children can remove their shoes and are able to run around and incorporate games while using their imaginations. The afternoon children are also enjoying the basketball court which we have put in place on the far left end of the building. We also have incorporated two large areas where the children can also have their classroom time outside. These areas offer shade and have access to water. We have also installed two large wash areas which encompass 8 sinks for hand washing outside. There are also multiple water fountains in the playground for drinking purposes.

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